lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

The Story Of The Blind Date

The Blind Date

A strange man knock the door, without thinking it two times, I asked who was it, but with no success he start knocking stronger, I started doubting about what was happening so after a mild sigh I opened the door.
A very tall man was at the other side of the door, after he had pulled out the hood from his jacket, I reasoned that it was Matt. I noticed a strange feeling in him, he was anxious and I didn´t know what to do.

After a long pause, he said “sorry for scaring you, I was shocked”. We spend a while speaking before he tell me what happened, he told me that yesterday his room partner at the academy told him that he was going to a blind date and look for a girl with a rare necklace in her neck.

This had remember me about Lucy, it was the most precious girl I had ever met, she was my best friend and I never got the chance to tell her that I got in love with her, she always had a green collar in her neck, One day I looked for her and someone told me that she was dating new people every Sunday and Monday at a club, so I am going this night to see her at the club.

Going to the speaking again, I asked him why he was so shocked, and he told me that he found in his bedroom 3 rare stones and three different newspapers, all of them were marked in 3 different murders that happened after a club night.

At the end with an abrupt movement he give me an envelope and leave the house, I opened it and I found the 3 stones, they were exactly as the green stone that Lucy had but in different colors.

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